Kartakou Warmer Overdrive Ibanez Tube Screamer 808 Clone + Mods

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Cheers from Belarus! I am engineer-electronic with Belarusian Technical University diploma and now my business is creating pedals, tube preamps, amps, etc. Every product I produce by myself. And this is lot for one of my projects - Warmer OverDrive. This is Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 pedal replica with some interesting upgrades. 

They are: 
  • Bass boost mod (brings more lows in your tone); 
  • Asymmetrical clipping mod (give you a little bit more "crunchy" sound); 
  • True bypass;
  • Sexy light frame lighting when effect is ON. It can be switched off for longer battery life, switch is on a back side of PCB;
  • And one more killing feature: take a look at last picture. PCB has special design for quick changing of main chip. I give you five different types of chips: original JRC4558D, NE5532, TL072, TL062, LM358. Every chip has it's own tone and have different noise level (it's significant if you use pedal for warm-up your amp). You can change it by yourself and decide what tone you love more.

Pedal works with 9V DC adapter (center negative) or with 9V battery. 

 You'll get: 
  • Warmer pedal;
  • 5 different chips to find your tone;
  • KARTAKOU sticker;
  • Original box

Feel free to ask any questions. 
Please check my other items. I have many interesting devices for you.

  • Состояние: Новое
  • Бренд: Kartakou
  • Модель: Warmer Overdrive
  • Цвет: Black
  • Категория: Педали и эффекты
  • Год выпуска: 2015
  • Производитель: Беларусь

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